WHy Ünika?

First of all, welcome! I am beyond thrilled that you are here! 

So… Ünika. Weird name, huh?

Ünika (pronounced ooh-knee-kah) means "gives" in the Zulu language, and more specifically, "he gives." This word encapsulates everything that I hope this brand to be: a company that gives back. More importantly, God has proved to be more than faithful not only in this business but in my life as a whole; He truly has given so much, and I want that to be reflected in my work. And on top of all that, Zulu is a language that is near to my heart, as I was able to live in South Africa temporarily, which consisted of me butchering my way through their incredible language (yes there are three types of clicking involved in Zulu, give me some credit here!)


A little bit more about me...

My name is Mackenzie, but most people call me Kenzie! I am a lover of all desserts, adventure, baby lambs, naps, trying new things, sunshine, hiking, writing letters, family, baseball hats, breakfast, running, the smell of cookies, painting, cowboy boots, to-do lists, floral patterns, and making visions come to life.

Ünika Collections actually started out from a bunch of spoons! I started bending spoons and making them into rings my sophomore year of college. For whatever reason, people liked them and wanted to buy them! So I called my little start-up business Spoonful of Silver, and began selling the rings on Etsy, at different boutiques, and in a variety of festivals and markets. 

Eventually, I started selling different products alongside the rings, and hand-painted pallet signs were one of those products. I had the most fun with these, as I have absolutely loved hand lettering since I was a little girl… I would spend hours making cards for peoples' birthdays, or writing fancy little messages on the whiteboard in my room.

Now Spoonful of Silver has evolved into Ünika Collections, which not only is full-time job for me, but also a true reflection of my heart. Thanks again so much for taking the time to stop by and join me on my little adventure!