Just a girl who really loves the alphabet

Hi... I'm Mackenzie, but most people call me Kenzie!

Things that I am: An ice cream fiend, a desert dweller. a mess maker, a puppy petter, a big dreamer     

Things that I am not: An early riser, a quiet laugher, a quick decision maker, a dessert sharer

I fell in love with the alphabet back when I was in elementary school. Though I have evolved over the years from welcome signs on whiteboards in my fourth grade bedroom, I still possess the same passion.  There is just something about each letter and the way that it can combine with others to form words and sentences... It just fascinates me! I love that a single letter can be a part of a highly meaningful sentence. How cool is that??


One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is getting to work with brides on their special day. My degree is in graphic design with a marketing emphasis, so I view a wedding as a "brand" of sorts... All the little details working together to make the whole entity cohesive and strong. 

Nowadays, you can find me happily soaking up sunshine in Phoenix, AZ. I am either baking something, going to a Barre3 class, or convincing my hubs that we should get a puppy.