So… Ünika. Weird name, huh?

Ünika (pronounced ooh-knee-kah) means "gives" in the Zulu language, and more specifically, "he gives." This word encapsulates everything that I hope this brand to be: a  company that gives back. Not only do 10% of all proceeds go to Charity:Water to help solve the water crisis, but my desire is that my products are able to bring some positivity and light into the hands that receive them.                                                      

Ünika Collections was not necessarily a well thought-out plan, but more of a happy accident. What started as a hobby making spoon rings as a sophomore in college soon turned into a job of selling them at a variety of boutiques and markets. While I was gaining experience in the business world with these rings (albeit completely unintentionally), I began to hand-letter on pallet wood signs for some friends for gifts. The response on social media was enormous, so I began to sell the signs along with the rings. The signs completely took over, and I found that by the time I graduated college, the easy answer was to nurture this business and give it my full-time attention (no more starting to fulfill orders at midnight when my homework was finally complete!) And I have been lettering my heart out ever since!